FIREweek 2010


In this two day event we want to address how FIRE community can work together and to discuss if and how people can bring added value for Future Internet research to best contribute to European competetiveness and growth. The first day will give an overview of work in progress and results within the FIRE area. In addition ongoing Future Internet research in the US and Japan will be presented. During the second day more specific issues will be shared and discussed in specific workshops. The first FIRE week was held in Paris autumn 2008 in association with the French EU presidency. The second FIRE week , in 2009 the year of creativity and innovation, was brought together the FIRE and the LivingLabs communities in a joint event in Lulea with the Sweedish EU presidency. This third edition, the FIRE week comes to Barcelona following the success of the previous events under the Spanish presidency of the EU. We expect attendance to be 200+ delegates of experts mainly European, academics, industry from ongoing projects and authorities, European Commission and international organisations. Welcome to Barcelona.


The Internet is much more than a communication system. New and unexpected Internet-enabled applications and services make tremendous use of emerging technologies and at the same time shape new requirements for future ones. At a global level, the Internet is becoming more and more the backbone of modern economy and society, to the point where new generations from industrialized countries cannot even conceive a world without Internet. Due to these multiple interactions, the Internet has become a complex system, a living and evolving entity, where any technological development affecting its future may have multifaceted and even unexpected consequences, at any technological, social or economic level. Therefore, new proposals for Internet architectures, protocols and services should not be limited to paperwork, as they need early experimentation and testing in large-scale environments, even though some of these ideas might be implemented only in the long-term – this is what Future Internet research and experimentation FIRE is about!.

FIRE - Future Internet Research

FIRE Future Internet Research and Experimentation is an initiative under the ICT theme of EU Framework Programme 7 . Projects selected under Call 2 - Objective 1.6 “New Paradigms and Experimental Facilities” are the first step under FP7 towards building FIRE. The initiative has two related dimensions: Building a European Experimental Facility for Future Internet research, and supporting experimentally-driven advanced research, which defines the challenges for and takes advantage of the dynamically evolving facility. The FIREworks is a FP7 Support Action from the FIRE Objective 1.6 that coordinates and supports interworking of testbed activities in Europe and their respective connections outside of Europe, mainly to North America and Far East.

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